011: Behind the scenes with the Fresno Police Chaplaincy

(feat. Rodney Lowery)

Today we have the Executive Director for the Fresno Police Chaplaincy, Rodney Lowery. Rodney served in law enforcement for many, many years and retired from the Fresno Police Department in 2000. Over the years he had the opportunities to work in undercover narcotics, SWAT, K-9, and Violent Crime Suppression Unit (VCSU).

He holds a B.A. in Bible and Theology, MDiv and is working toward a PsyD. Rodney has a unique experience of viewing the needs of our city from a ministry perspective as well as through the lens of a law enforcement officer. Reconciling those views has led him to believe that no organization has a greater impact on this city than the Fresno Police Department. Let’s jump in and hear about the Fresno Police Chaplaincy with Rodney Lowery.

Visit the Fresno Police Chaplaincy website: www.fresnopdchaplaincy.org 

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