What Is For Fresno?

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Stay up to date on our latest releases

The Problem

Since Jesus first established His Church, the Church has received a lot of negative press.

In fact, many people might say they know more about what the Church is against rather than what the Church is for. 

Honestly, we, fellow believers, haven’t helped. Through fear, legalism, judgement, comfort and authority we have created a Church culture that often times mis-represents our Mighty King. It’s unfortunate to think the reputation of what we know to be the greatest love is potentially defined by do’s and don’ts.

This must change. It’s time to change the narrative and show the world what Jesus his Church is for!


The Plan

The current narrative on what the Church is against is magnified by technology. This is an industry where the Church must embrace technology’s potential. We must use it as a tool to show our communities we are for the people and places of where we live, work, play and go to school.

How we plan to do this is create a tool called For Fresno.

This tool will strengthen leaders, empower individuals, promote non-profits and unite churches.  We will use whatever means necessary; videos, websites, podcasts, photography, social media, marketing, branding, online workshops and any others that may be effective.


The Focus

For the Church to know what it’s for, we first have to know the King’s plan and understand how the Enemy works. We need to know who we’re fighting, fear God, train and mobilize the Church, and unify our allies/Churches/para-Church organizations. Below are four areas of where we will commit our energy.

  1. Leadership: Develop more local leaders.
  2. Operations: Bring awareness on the needs of the city and how to get involved.
  3. Victories: Share stories of God’s power.
  4. Enemy: Understand the weight of the Enemy’s destruction.


The Climax

I truly believe this is the beginning of a new movement in Fresno. If we do this right, we will see healthy churches rise up, ethical businesses thrive, like-minded leaders unite, strategic leaders develop, various people groups respect each other, marriages restored, families reunited, and a city pursuing unity, love and a serving heart.

Join us, as we dare to tell the world what God’s Church is for.


Gordon Howell | Founder